Give them what they want!

Dey Alexander shared this image on G+, and it got me thinking.

Not what you want them to want.

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The Apo-kale-ypse has come!



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This just make me want to play it more!

A bunch of #IGN staffers playing #AlienIsolation!

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Such a little charmer

I dropped Gaby at her new Daycare centre this morning, Her carer met us in the lobby and she bid Gaby a good morning.

In return Gaby flipped her the finger and said “FINGER!”.

In Gaby’s defence, the nail on that finger had gust come off after I accidentally shut her finger in a door a few weeks ago.

Still, funny story.

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Wow! So not a charity then.

So where does the money go?

When I was a kid we used to get plastic bags in the mail from the Salvos, or it may have been the Smith Family, so we could donate old clothes. We used to get them around “Spring cleaning” time, and it was pretty cool because you knew the stuff was going to someone who needed it.

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