Wow! So not a charity then.

When I was a kid we used to get plastic bags in the mail from the Salvos, or it may have been the Smith Family, so we could donate old clothes. We used to get them around “Spring cleaning” time, and it was pretty cool because you knew the stuff was going to someone who needed it.

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She is going to be a Python fan!

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How to hire good developers

This article by Laurie Voss of NPM gives some pointers on how to hire the developers your company needs.

Laurie gives good explanations of these five points, almost all resonated with me in some way.

  1. Don’t hire for what they already know
    • Don’t judge a candidate on what they already know, but rather on what they can and want to learn.
  2. Don’t hire for what they can remember in an interview room
    • Whiteboard coding tests are so far from how developers work as to be useless
  3. Don’t hire for a fancy degree
    • How they function under academic circumstances is no benchmark
  4. Don’t hire for their earlier employers
    • Not all Google employees are created equal
  5. Don’t hire friends and family
    • Just don’t do it. It’s not worth the headaches

Your first stage of interviewing should be attempting to answer two questions:

Can they do this job?

  1. This is not the same as “can they do this jobright now?”
    • but you need to be confident they can learn how to do the job.
  2. Are they going to get better at this job?
    • The answer has to be yes.

I think I need to rewrite my resumé and cover letter and adjust my interview techniques.

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Argh! Fireworks!

On Friday 22 August we took Gaby to Docklands to see her first fireworks display, she wasn’t all that impressed.
We started the afternoon at the playground outside the Docklands Library.

Gaby jumping

Boing, boing, boing

Gaby got adventurous.

Climbing the slide

I can do it!

Sliding down the slide

No I can’t

On our way to dinner before the fireworks Gaby declared…

I'm a princess.

I’m a princess.

We met up with our neighbors Nicky, Michael, AJ and baby Max to watch the fireworks.

Gaby and AJ dance and a run around.

Dancing and fooling around

Dancing and fooling around

Gaby and AJ both thought that the fireworks were a bit too loud.

It's very loud Mummy

It’s very loud Mummy

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Remember a time when Sci-Fi meant practical effects?

Yeah me too. I think that the further we get from practical effects the further we get from good storytelling.

That is not to say that a digital effects film can’t have a good story I just think there are too many people like Michael Bey that use effects to mask poor story.

Luckily if you love good Sci-Fi packed with awesome practical effects then on Saturday September 6, Valhalla Social Cinema has you covered.

A smorgasbord of practical effects love!

A smörgåsbord of practical effects love!

Go buy a ticket now!

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