Only took me 20 years but I finally did it!

Last week I started the introduction to Iaido at Melbourne Budokai.

Initial thoughts? God I ache! But in a good way.

Holding a Bokken for an hour and a half is enough of a workout but add in the squats and wide stances, mean my legs as well as my arms are doing things they didn’t know they could.

That said, I feel invigorated after each lesson. The Sensei is amazing, her direction is crystal clear and easy to follow (not always easy to replicate but I’m getting better).

I’m really looking forward to continuing with Iaido and perfecting my technique.

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Life in Seddon…


Neighbour texts me last night asking if we had a orange. We did so I ran across to deliver it.
The usual exchange of “Thanks”  followed by ‘Not a problem.”
This morning we got a special delivery.


I think we came out ahead on the deal!
All our neighbours are awesome.

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Who is this child?

Gumby Brennan
Gumby Brennan

Hallo Mr Gumby!

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I made a hole!


Over the wonderful long weekend I have discovered an unholy hatred of Villaboard(TM), a concrete particle board.
Mistake number one: try cutting it with a jigsaw.
Mistake number two: thy the circular saw.
So off to the Google I went. Amongst the mountain of comments saying “just don’t do it” I found something useful. “try an angle grinder”
So off to Bunnings I trotted and grabbed one and a shiny new concrete cutting disc.
Get home, set up and viola!


Not quite big enough for the BBQ lid to fit through. Out comes the grinder again, it’s like a hot knife through butter.


Perfect. Now the frame.


All in all a productive weekend.

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Scaleable hover technology

Forget the hoverboard. If this Kickstarter, for a scalable hover engine, is real the other implications could be amazing!

Hover cars, landspeeders, speeder bikes very interesting time.


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