Scaleable hover technology

Forget the hoverboard. If this Kickstarter, for a scalable hover engine, is real the other implications could be amazing!

Hover cars, landspeeders, speeder bikes very interesting time.


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Bechdel test for parents

While at the park the other day with Gaby, I met some other parents and kids and had a wonderful time chatting and playing.

By the time we left the park and were walking home I realised I didn’t know any of the parent’s names.

Introductions went like this:

“Hi. I’m Gaby’s dad.”

“Hi I’m Harrison’s Mum.”

and so on.

So I’ve devised the Bechdel test for parents.

  1. Two parents who know each other’s names,
  2. who talk to each other,
  3. about something other than their children.

I’m hoping that all my future park playdates pass the Park-del test.

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Don’t talk to me…

Don't talk to me

Don't talk to me

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Give them what they want!

Dey Alexander shared this image on G+, and it got me thinking.

Not what you want them to want.

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The Apo-kale-ypse has come!



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