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Blade Runner (PKD) Blaster – Part 5

Here goes nothing

If this is your first visit, check out Blade Runner (PKD) Blaster – Part 1.

I got rid of the air-dry clay and replaced it with Apoxie Sculpt.

How did I not know about this stuff before?

Apoxie Sculpt FTW!

The Apoxie sculpt sets rock hard and is really easy to work with. Thank Glod too, because the grips needed a lot of sanding. Next time I use it I’ll make sure I have plenty of clearance between faces that touch.

I have also made my first mould!

Here goes nothing

I made up a batch of the poor man’s silicone and mushed it into the mould.

I need to leave it for 48 hours to cure properly, then I can attempt my first casting…