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Blade Runner (PKD) Blaster – Part 7

Well after the failure of my home-made mould. I popped over to Barnes in Richmond (it’s near work) and picked up some Pinkysil, Epoxyglass and Bright orange translucent pigment. This made for a much easier (and way less sticky) moulding process.

I made another box out of foamcore and placed the grips into it, ready for the silicone.

Here goes nothing

Mixed up a batch of Pinkysil, and in a long thin stream poured it in.

I didn’t know at the time, but I made two mistakes.

  1. The grips weren’t seated properly, which allowed some of the silicone to leak under.
    Not much but a little.
  2. Probably should have made sure the mould was on a level surface.

Next, I mixed up the Epoxyglass.

I need to take a minute here and thank the wonderful staff at Barnes in Richmond. They were super friendly and informative and didn’t treat me like an idiot when I asked silly questions, like the n00b I am.

Again I poured this from as high as I could in the thinnest stream I could to avoid air bubbles (pro tip from Bill Doran from Punished Props. Check him out and send some love AKA buy his books!)

And boy did it work!

Not a bubble to be seen!

Please ignore the spillage it was my first time using this stuff.

The final result is pretty good but not great. I have heaps of clean up to do.

I’ll need to flatten the backs and then re-polish them, but all in all, I’m happy with my first attempt at moulding and casting.

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